Visit the Gardens

By Yourself, with your Spouse/Partner or as a Family

By Yourself

"Solitude allows us to maintain this inner pilgrim who walks towards the light."
                Francine Schneeberger d'Hau

Come alone to offer yourself a time of respite, of calm, to recharge your batteries by taking a step back in order to be with your inner self.
Or, on the contrary, come alone to meet other garden enthusiasts or simply to change your mind.
Everything is useful in everyone's individual approach when the intention is right.

May your walk in the Angel Gardens be your breath of happiness today.

Have fun with the Game of Hearts. Find the correct answers to participate in the draw and maybe win a weekend in a guest room at the Château in the beautiful Angel's Room (see the rules of the game).

With your Spouse/Partner

"I don't know where my path leads, but I walk better when my hand is holding yours."
                        Alfred de Musset (French poet)

Couples with dishevelled hair or couples with wrinkled faces, it is love that builds your path. Come and embellish your bond by granting yourself an afternoon of pure tenderness, sit down at the edge of the water garden, stroll among the scents, throw a coin in the wishing well or sit under the mischievous eye of Cupid. The gardens open the door to many wonders...

Awaken your child spirit and have fun with the Garden Game. Find the correct answers to participate in the draw and maybe win a romantic weekend at the Château in the beautiful Angel Room (see the rules of the game).

For wedding photos in the Jardins de l'Ange, please contact us.
Family outing at the Jardins de l'Ange - Château de Verdalle, Tarn, France

As a Family

"When children are small, you have to help them take root. Later on, you must give them wings."
                 Indian proverb

Les Jardins de l'Ange offers a wonderful opportunity for parents and children to spend a few hours in an enchanting and exotic place. The 22 gardens and squares, with their diverse and original themes, will appeal to young and old alike.
And what about the Angeraie? Little boys are born in cabbages and little girls in roses... how charming these stories are. But where are the angels born? Hush! Come and see here...

For children over 3 years of age, a fun way to visit the garden with the Children's Colouring Books that are specially designed for them.
For older children and their parents, search together for the correct answers to enter the draw and perhaps win a weekend in the Château's beautiful Angel Room (see the rules of the game).

Additional Downloads

Game of Hearts

Use your powers of observation and curiosity and enter the draw on 17 September 2023

1st prize :
2 nights at the Château with 1 dinner for two
2nd prize :
1 night at the Château
3rd prize :
1 Quattro Duo frequent visitor card

Colouring Pads

 3 years and over

Make room for observation and imagination!
Have fun colouring in some of the statues and decorations you'll find in the Gardens in this playful couring pad.
They come in all colours and sizes...

Several colouring pads are available.

Chase Game - Quiz

 from 7 to 99 years old...

For one or more children or adults who like to make discoveries, this game will develop the children's curiosity and sense of observation - for an expressive immersion in the world of plants.

The quiz also allows the discovery of the traditions and history of the region.

Gardens Map

Download and print your map of the Jardins de l'Ange to prepare and enjoy your visit to the gardens even more.

Good Behaviour Rules

A very useful little sheet to help hyperactive children prepare for their visit with parents and carers - to have a peaceful day.